Bata-ville: We are not afraid of the future

2005, 93 mins, color, UK (English and Czech with Hungarian subtitles)
D: Karen Guthrie, Nina Pope

A bittersweet record of a coach trip to the origins of the Bata shoe empire in Zlin in the Czech Republic. Against the backdrop of regeneration in their local communities, former employees of the now-closed UK shoe factories are led on a journey that begins as a free holiday but soon becomes an opportunity for a collective imagining of what entrepreneur Tomas Bata’s maxim „We are not afraid of the future” means for them in 21st century Britain. Inspired by the contrast between the idealism of Bata and the more recent industrial decline of the English towns, directors Pope & Guthrie lead as travel hostesses this unorthodox coach party on a journey through Bata’s legacy.

8th March, 18:30