Sensible architecture – selection of shorts

9th March, 13:00-16:00 – Vacancy Project Space

Catalogue of scenes for the death of Pier Paolo Pasolini
2011, 48 mins, color, Spain
D: Chus Domínguez

Following the trip Pasolini made in 1959 along the entire coast of Italy as a reporter, the scenes were located different places as possible scenarios for his death. This catalog offers the viewer the possibility of redemption of the rebellious individual or the questioning of our acceptance of the critical difference.

2012, 15 mins, color, France
D: Thomas Bobrowski

It seems like Paris, its suburbs, its buildings, its projects, its metro: more than contemplation, a drawing of a city like Paris, but it is perhaps not quite Paris.

Flat roofs for Mussolini
2012, 21 mins, color, Germany
D: Dirk Peuker, Bettina Nürnberg

Experimental film about the Italian Rationalism at Lake Como and the buildings by Guiseppe Terragni, who was an important pioneer of this style and tried to persuade the fascist regime to adopt his architecture as an official style.

Puhelinkoppi (1882-2007)
2010, 7 mins, color, US
D: Hope Tucker

Marking a shift in the functioning of private and public space, after existing as a sidewalk staple for over a century, the last public phone booths in Finland are now extinct – the film documents their passing.

Sign full circle / Cage full circle
2013, 8 mins, color, US
D: Amy Lunn

Behind the boarding’s and facades of construction sites lies a controlled violence, a destruction that appears to be wiping away part of history to create a new future, a new story with no reference to the past –  but the sites are permitted to reveal themselves for one last time.

The Art-Qaeda project
2010, 7 mins, color, Taiwan
D: Wei-Ming Ho

The site-specific video intervenes in the urban landscape. By means of guerrilla art action, the series of nocturnal projections present the dialogues between the images and the city environment.

2010, 9 mins, color, Croatia
D: Nina Kurtela
Over the five-month durational performance, the director establishes a daily practice of visiting and witnessing the changes at a building site in Berlin – the warehouse for the repair of public trams and buses becomes a dance institution.

Walk to Elea!
2008, 17 mins, color, Germany
D: Haike Rausch, Torsten Grosch
The film tells the story of the Avatars Laksmi Giha und Myth Guyot, on a virtual island situated in the parallel-world of the metaverse Second Life. On their search of each other and themselves both walk into a virtual cave, which is a mixture of deliberate architecture, temple and cave.