We are not afraid of the future

The perception of modern architecture is quite controversial. Contrary to classical architecture, public opinion has not really digested the formal achievements of modernism. Modern architecture divides society: while the Scotish concrete buildings of Pollphail are abandonned for decades; the famous costructivist buildings in Moscow probably cannot be saved, not even by their commeted tennants; the residents of the Nagaki capsule tower in Tokyo have given up on their peculiar building; the ex-employees of the Bata shoe factory in East of England seek for their cultural roots in the home town of Tomas Bata, in Zlín; designers who regard architecture as a tool for shaping society are amazed agin and again by Lina Bo Bardi’s Brazilian projects.

Architecture of Israel – compilation of Amos Gitai’s architecture films (2013, 50’)
Nakagin Capsule Tower: Japanese metabolist landmark on the edge of destruction (Yamazaki Rima, 2010, 58’)
Intercalary Space (Damien Faure, 2012, 50’)
The mother, the son and the architect (Petra Noordkamp, 2012, 16’)
Precise poetry: Lina Bo Bardi’s architecture (Belinda Rukschcio, 2013, 55’)
Bata-ville: We are not afraid of the future (Karen Guthrie, Nina Pope, 2005, 93’)
Pollphail (Matthew Lloyd, 2009, 11’)
Away from all suns! (Isabella Willinger, 2013, 77’)