BÉF 6+ Special site specific edition

In the framework of the Filming the Central European City project the Budapest Architecture Film Days is holding its first site specific edition in Leonardo community garden in Budapest. A curated selection of archive footage related to the history of the neighbourhood will be shown along with documentaries that can help to shed new light to the history of the area and to reveal lost stories of forgotten residents.

20:00 curated selection of archive footage

20:20 Corvin Variations
2011, 39 mins, colour,  Hungarian film with English subtitles
D: Klára Trencsényi
The Corvin Project initiated in 2003 was the largest and most awarded Central European city development project. It envisioned the complete transformation of cca. 22 acres territory in the 8th district of Budapest, which implied the demolition of all buildings in the given area. Both the local government and the investor wanted to get rid of the “slums” by relocating more than one thousand families, mostly Roma, who could not afford buying property in the old-new area. The protagonists of the film are local residents who have been relocated in the course of the project – and who recall with certain nostalgia and criticism the life in the old neighborhood and community. They no longer see each other – only in the reconstructed space created by the filmmaker.

21:00 Temporary 8
2012, 53 mins, colour, Italian film with Hungarian subtitles
D: ZimmerFrei
The film is part of a series of documentaries called “City Portrait / Temporary Cities”, filmed by ZimmerFrei in very limited areas or single spots within large cities that are in the course of a changing process. The film is dedicated to the 8th District of Budapest, a popular neighborhood where a major restructuring started in 2006 with displacements of inhabitants, demolitions and constructions but suddenly stopped in 2008 with the global economic crisis. The destroyed buildings are now empty spaces with no defined destination, a mosaic of fractures in the urban fabric. What to do with these public and private spaces of non-use? The film ventures into the desert lots, yards and homes to find out how the inhabitants transform the common areas and the face of their own city.

VENUE: Leonardo community garden, Budapest (H-1083, Budapest, Tömő u. 14.)
DATE: 03.09.2014., 20:00